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Aluminium Angle Bar Profile Polished 20 mm

Aluminium Angle Bar Profile Polished 20 mm
Product Specifications
Size 20 mm
Material Aluminium
Quality 6063

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Aluminum height difference transition profile eliminates the height difference between floor coverings and acts as a bridge when transitioning from one floor to another. If there is a height difference between the floors at the transition from marble or ceramic floor to laminate, from laminate to carpet - level difference, the aluminum level difference transition profile compensates for this difference and covers the error and the ugly appearance. A level difference transition profile is selected according to the height of the level difference. Aluminum level difference transition profile not only eliminates height differences, e.g. B. It covers the corners and edges between ceramic tile floor and parquet floor that spoil the eye, and acts as a bridge between two floor coverings, also prevents foot clogging and ensures a perfect transition. The aluminum level transition profile, which is produced in various anodized colours, is attached with glue, double-sided adhesive tape or screws and screwed to the floor covering after the screw slot has been opened beforehand.