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Aluminium Angle Profile Flexibel Polished 10 mm

Aluminium Angle Profile Flexibel Polished 10 mm
Product Specifications
Size 10 mm
Material Aluminium
Quality 6063

Available Options

A ceramic profile of the right corner tile made of aluminum is attached to the ceramic wall corner; It covers the imperfections on the edge of the cut tile, preventing future breakage and cracking of the ceramic in the corner. Vertical aluminium-ceramic corner profile in various anodized colors is chemically laid at the edge of the wall. Aluminum vertical corner ceramic profile creates a clean and decorative wall corner. The ceramic finishing profile, which is an integral part of modern bathroom decoration, can also be used as a floor finishing profile, threshold profile or stair nosing profile when laying ceramic tiles on the floor. In addition, the corner profile made of anodised, polished leather ceramic can be perfectly integrated into chrome-plated bathroom fittings and other bathroom accessories. Tile ceramic finishing corner profile is available in different colors matt or polished or chemically anodized.