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Aluminium Quadro Profile Broad Edge Matt 14 mm

Aluminium Quadro Profile Broad Edge Matt 14 mm
Product Specifications
Size 14 mm
Material Aluminium
Quality 6063

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An aluminum tile is attached to the ceramic wall corner; It prevents cracks and breakage and protects the ceramic tile corner from impact. The aluminum tile corner lath covers the mistakes of cutting and attaching the ceramic tile during the ceramic tile coating process on the wall, increasing the speed and facilitating the ceramic tile process. The semicircular aluminum ceramic corner strip is designed in many different looks. The tile strips, which are manufactured in heights of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm depending on the thickness of the ceramic, give the Outside Corner ceramic tiles an ergonomic and contemporary appearance; It prevents the unavoidable cracks in the joint from forming in the ceramic corner joint over time. Of course, the aluminum tile trim also protects the ceramic tile corner from future impacts. Matching the tones of the ceramic tile coating, matt and polishede or chemically polished anodized aluminum tiles in various colors are chosen. On the other hand, the silver-polished aluminum tile blends seamlessly with chrome-plated bathroom and kitchen faucets as an indispensable element of bathroom-kitchen decoration. Mehr zu diesem Ausgangstextfor weitere Übersetzungsinformationen ist ein Ausgangstext erforderlich Feedback geben Seitenleisten