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Aluminium Step Edge Profile 12 mm

Aluminium Step Edge Profile 12 mm
Product Specifications
Size 12 mm
Material Aluminium
Quality 6063

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The Aluminum Stairs Profiles on this page can also be placed on the stair nosing during the laying of ceramic or marble, unlike the stair nosings which can only be placed during the ceramic or marble laying process. The aluminum stair profile gives ceramic stair flooring a unique integrity; If the stair nosing is not used, the stair nosings will wear out in a short time; On the one hand, an unsightly appearance is created, on the other hand, abrasion causes a slippery floor. The aluminum stair profile protects the ceramic or marble from abrasion and breakage, preventing the formation of unsightly appearance, slipping that can result from wear and tear, or slippery floors. The striped and ribbed top gives the stair nosing a non-slip property. The stair nosing profile, which is available with a screw hole on request, can be screwed firmly to the floor. The models that can be retrofitted also include "PVC"-coated aluminum ladder profiles. Stairs Profiles made of PVC, rubber or all aluminum are also an ideal choice to cover partially broken or worn stair nosings and to completely refurbish the stair.