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Aluminum Z - Profile for Laminate 39 mm

Aluminum Z - Profile for Laminate 39 mm
Product Specifications
Size 39 mm
Material Aluminium
Quality 6063
Award Winner
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Aluminum laminate floor - carpet floor Z level difference profile acts as a bridge at the transition from one floor to another, eg from laminate floor to carpet floor, and compensates for the small height - level - difference and makes the transition smooth. The striped tops of the anodized aluminum Z-level differential profile in various shapes, sizes and colors provide slip resistance and ensure a perfect transition between floor coverings. A light tap on the longitudinally barbed Z-plane differential profile ensures that the transition profile firmly grips the carpet and the carpet becomes taut. The aluminum Z-level differential profile is manufactured in various anodized colors as matt, polished or chemically polished. Mehr zu diesem Ausgangstextfor weitere Übersetzungsinformationen ist ein Ausgangstext erforderlich Feedback geben Seitenleisten